Provisional Technical Program

Day 1: Monday, 14th October Day 2: Tuesday, 15th  October Day 3: Wednesday, 16th October
Plenary session

Opening and Keynote addresses
Speciality sessions Parallel workshop sessions

  • Regional and international research: leadership, cooperation and program development (Including ReCAP)
  • Pavement design – defining current challenges and means of addressing them
  • Bituminous binders testing and standards
  • Performance characteristics of pavement materials
  • Design of asphalt and bitumen stabilised materials
  • Innovation in road maintenance techniques and procedures
  • Advances in procurement and construction techniques
  • Designs and specifications to facilitate constructability
  • Advances in pavement materials for improved performance
  • Mitigating the impact on the environment of design and construction – from waste to water
  • Creating employment opportunities:: worker wellness, safety and access

Quality assessment of bituminous binders

Leadership / Cooperative research and implementation programs

Plenary session
Road Funding and optimal application of resources
Speciality sessions

Innovative practice in pavement materials

Deployment of resources to provide and maintain roads at OWLC

Speciality sessions Interactive audio visual session Plenary Session
Global change drivers

Design of flexible pavements for best performance

Green procurement


Speciality sessions
Design of bituminous layers  for extended life

Plenary Session
Summaries, conclusions, resolutions and conference closure.


Bituminous stabilised materials