Session Themes and Topics

The programme will be structured along the following Session Themes and Topics

Theme Topics
1. Road asset provision and preservation Formulation and implementation of a road funding /financing policy for:

  • Optimal application of financial and human resources
  • Provision and maintenance of roads at optimal whole life cost
2. Leadership and proficiency in technology development & implementation The initiation and management of systems to promote coordinated and cooperative research and development programs carried out by various parties that address rationally identified needs and covering:

  • Leadership in technology development
  • Identification and formulation of research programmes
  • Coordination of deployment of resources
  • Launch implementation programs and entrench technology
3. Advancing sustainable practice 3.1          Extended pavement life

  • Optimal design of pavements and layers covering asphalt, chip seals and bitumen stabilised materials
  • Construction practice to ensure quality is consistently met
  • Design strategies aligned to limited resources and optimal delivery
  • Innovation in pavement maintenance techniques and procedures

3.2          Mitigation of impact on the environment

  • Green procurement
  • Reduced rolling resistance of asphalt pavements
  • Circular economy
  • Reduced use of water on construction sites
  • Incorporation of water harvesting in designs
  • Noise reduction
  • Reuse and recycling

3.3          Worker wellness, safety and access to employment opportunities

4. Global change drivers in flexible pavement provision and maintenance The implementation of techniques and procedures to take into account:

  • Climate adaptation and resilience planning
  • Carbon and the environment
  • Demographics and urbanisation
  • Energy resources utilisation
  • Big data analytics and AI for smarter operations and business
  • Impacts of smart mobility technologies (EV, HC and AV)
  • Digital design and construction practices for improved efficiencies