Our Conference Theme
“Sustainable materials and technologies within multi-functional pavements – designing for climate change.”

6th ISAP/APE Symposium 2019

ISAP/APE aims to dovetail with CAPSA 2019, bring an international perspective of research and development, with creative, sustainable solutions for flexible pavements in a context of global warming.

Symposium at a glance

ISAP Asphalt Pavements and Environment has the pleasure of announcing the 6th ISAP/APE Symposium on 13th October 2019 at Sun City.

ISAP offers a forum through APE, for international asphalt pavement technology enhancement, research and information exchange. Following the tradition of previous such events, this ISAP/APE is link to a locally established conference, aiming to enhance the international flavour of the events

The ISAP/APE programme has been developed to enable highly relevant invited papers, primarily international, with significant potential contributions to southern Africa.

ISAP/APE has identified 12 invited speakers. Selected papers (approximately 6) will be recommended for Journal publication with Road Materials and Pavement Design.

Technical Focus Areas

  • New technologies and innovations including:
    • Multifunctional pavements in Smart Roads
    • Climate change’s influence on pavement design,
    • Sustainable materials to resist damage within a warmer environment
  • By-products and secondary materials recycling in asphalt pavements
  • Binder rheology – interaction between Reclaimed Asphalt RA and new binder
  • Cold recycling of RAP
    • BSM-foam with added lime for extra performance
    • Recent developments in BSM technology
  • Life cycle analysis
    • this Focus Area will transfer to the CAPSA 2019 conference

Sunday, 13th October 2019, Sun City

Early bird registration closes:
19 April 2019

SCHEDULE OF SUBMISSION for invited speakers

Full Paper Submission
14th February 2019

Review Comments
27th May 2019

Final Paper Submission
31st July 2019

Keynote Speakers

Professor Jo Ellen Sias, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of New Hampshire (UNH)

Professor Bill Buttlar
Glen Barton Chair of Flexible Pavement Technology University of Missouri

Professor Gordon Airey
Director of Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre NTEC

Dr. Gabriele Tebaldi
Professor in the Department Engineering and Architecture at the University of Parma and Joint Professor at Engineering School for Sustainable Infrastructures and Environment of University of Florida

Dr Eshan Dave
Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of New Hampshire