Our Conference Theme
“Sustainable materials and technologies within multi-functional pavements – designing for climate change.”

6th ISAP/APE Symposium 2019

ISAP/APE aims to dovetail with CAPSA 2019, bring an international perspective of research and development, with creative, sustainable solutions for flexible pavements in a context of global warming.

Symposium at a glance

ISAP Asphalt Pavements and Environment has the pleasure of announcing the 6th ISAP/APE Symposium on 13th October 2019 at Sun City.

ISAP offers a forum through APE, for international asphalt pavement technology enhancement, research and information exchange. Following the tradition of previous such events, this ISAP/APE is link to a locally established conference, aiming to enhance the international flavour of the events

The ISAP/APE programme has been developed to enable highly relevant invited papers, primarily international, with significant potential contributions to southern Africa.

ISAP/APE has identified 12 invited speakers. Selected papers (approximately 6) will be recommended for Journal publication with Road Materials and Pavement Design.

Technical Focus Areas

  • New technologies and innovations including:
    • Multifunctional pavements in Smart Roads
    • Climate change’s influence on pavement design,
    • Sustainable materials to resist damage within a warmer environment
  • By-products and secondary materials recycling in asphalt pavements
  • Binder rheology – interaction between Reclaimed Asphalt RA and new binder
  • Cold recycling of RAP
    • BSM-foam with added lime for extra performance
    • Recent developments in BSM technology
  • Life cycle analysis
    • this Focus Area will transfer to the CAPSA 2019 conference

Sunday, 13th October 2019, Sun City

Early bird registration closes:
19 April 2019

SCHEDULE OF SUBMISSION for invited speakers

Full Paper Submission
14th February 2019

Review Comments
27th May 2019

Final Paper Submission
31st July 2019